The Manna Advantage

MANNA gives you the tools that allow you to take control of your online marketing campaigns. Get a deeper insights into how your campaigns are performing. Get a complete overview of your complete portfolio down to a sign ad. See your data in a way that makes sense to you and your customers. No more jumping from one Ad account to the next. Manage all your Accounts in one place.

Real-Time Importing

Imports your data in near real-time

Beautiful Dashboards

Fully customizable, interactive real-time reporting dashboards

Integrate your CRM Data

See results from your CRM along with your Ads

Contextual Insights

Got beyond the surface, zoom into your metrics for even more details

Campaign Optimization

Pause, Activate, Change budgets, Create ads and more

Mobile Friendly

Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles

Real-Time Reporting from Major Ad Networks

Manna connects to your Ad Network and presents data in a much more approachable format. See all your campaign data from all major ad networks in one location. By pulling in fresh data from Facebook, Google Ads and Google Analytics we allow you to analyze and optimize your campaigns performance across all ad networks in near real-time.

Integrate Your CRM/External Data into Manna

Import your external CRM conversion and sales data to seamlessly tie them to your Ad campaigns. Manna allows you to easily optimize against your ROI by showing you your CRM/external sales alongside the ads that generated them.

Optimizing Performance

Built on the premise of contextual insights, where almost every metric is clickable, allowing you to get even deeper insights into your numbers. Get the answers to what and why, and take action right from within the interface

Go Beyond the Numbers

Your Dashboards are not only functional but visually stunning interactive reports created with our intuitive drag and drop interface. Incorporate live data, real-time charts, shapes, pictures and video to create a compelling story around your data.

Get Real-Time Data Back Into your CRM, Spreadsheet or BI system

With the MANNA API you can pull Ad Network and Conversion data directly into your CRM or Reporting tools.  Get access to all your data with one simple API call. Use this to view Data in Google Sheets, Excel, PowerBi and more.

Works Across All Your Devices

Whether you're in front of your desk or in a Cab. Keep tabs on your campaign's performance on all your devices. Manna works equally well on Desktops, to touch screen laptops and tablets, all the way down to your mobile devices.


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