What is MANNA

MANNA gives you the tools that allow you to take control of your online marketing campaigns. Get a deeper insights into how your campaigns are performing. Get a complete overview of your complete portfolio down to a sign ad. See your data in a way that makes sense to you and your customers. No more jumping from one Ad account to the next. Manage all your Accounts in one place.

Facebook Marketing

Full support for Facebook marketing analytics, campaing management, ad creation and more

Completely Customizable

Create custom dashboard that integrate data from popular marketing platforms, custom data, and Google analytics

Google Ads & Google Analytics

Supports importing of Google Ads marketing data, and linking of Google Analytics to both Facebook and Google ads

Integrate Your Data

Import your data from csv, popular CRM's or custom connections into MANNA

Google Sheets and Excel Integration

Get real-time integration with Google Sheets. Use real-time data from your marketing accounts with your Google Sheets formulas and data.