Ad Networks

What Ad networks does MANNA support

We currently support Facebook, Google Ads (beta) with more on the way.

How frequently is my Ad data updated in your platform.

Data is updated every few minutes so yo get as close to real-time results as possible.

What networks will you be supporting in the future

We are currently actively developing support for Bing and Twitter with more on the way.

Is there a limit on the number of Ad accounts I can use in MANNA

No. We do not place a limit on the number of Ad accounts you can import.

Importing CRM/External Data

Can I import data from external data sources into MANNA?

Yes. MANNA supports the automatic import of data from various data sources. Including Google Analytics, CSV, Hitpath and more. We will also write custom connectors to your data if necessary*

Campaign Management

Can I update my account status?

Yes MANNA allows you to pause, un-pause campaigns, adsets, ads and keywords.

Does Manna allow me to create Ads?

Manna has Ad creation support for Facebook. Other networks coming soon.

Can I change Ad budgets

You can change budgets across all ad networks and accounts

Does Manna have any automated campaign optimization

We currently do not have automated campaign optimization. Coming soon.